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Jun. 24th, 2014 04:00 pm
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I'm going to scan the manga as I can, but unfortunately I have a limited usage of a scanner and am not the best at it. I also have no experience scanlating/cleaning manga so what I do scan will likely just be for entertainment purposes unless someone wants to help with that.

That being said, I'm going to do the translations in a novel style. This way even without every page put on right now the dialogue will actually make sense since... uh, there are some pretty weird going-ons.

As I can I will put scanned chapters on their respective translated pages, but this is dependent on when I have the time to sit down and scan pages and clean them.

This journal is also being used to collect the transcripts of them as I translate it (so you can always read those, too!) and privately hosts the original Japanese form. If you'd like the Japanese to help translate or what not feel free to ask!

Mostly, I will post things regarding the manga. If you're looking for specific things I will use the following tags:

transcripts -- For each chapter's line-by-line translation.
novel -- My personal novelization of it while I try to scan it.
japanese -- Original Japanese language format. These are all private unless requested (mostly I don't think people want that)
scans -- scans of the manga as I can put them up. I'll probably only update that as I get chunks done.
icons -- I've already made a few, but I've been doing colorings of the manga.

These are the ones I'm currently doing! Everything will also be organized on the sidebar, so it shouldn't be difficult to look around.
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A brief run-down on what to expect from each mission! Partly to help me with my thoughts, also to show how stupidly what the fuck this manga is sometimes:

Mission One: "I want to meet you, only you!"
As the introductory chapter, we're first given a prologue page. Kanata explains that her world is under an entertainment ban and anyone who disobeys it will go to prison. Despite that, Kanata and Sonata both have been brought to a concert by their father who says something along the lines of "watch the spirit of AKB0048 release the world" (presumably this is on Akihabastar as it looks vaguely like the stage there?).

Cue several years later, Kanata is now a kenkyuusei/trainee of AKB0048 and is watching the successors backstage really enamored. She thanks the stage crew for their hard work and she and Mimori head off (Kanata is really wiped out from the show and dead-eyes Mimori's cheeriness, what good friends). That's when they're stopped by (presumably) another trainee tells her Tsubasa wants her.

She goes to the meeting room where Yuko, Acchan, Kojiharu, and Tsubasa are all gathered and is told to have a seat. Tsubasa debriefs them on the mission at hand (which is to go to a school and protect/find the original AKB48 uniforms as a famous thief-- Elixir-- is on the look out for them. It's explained Kanata was chosen to help defend them (possibly because of her fighting nature for things she loves?? or takamina i bet it's takamina) and is given new magical girl transformation techniques. Or at least they are definitely Sailor moon broach and magic microphone so same difference.

(to be continued)
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Here is a future decades away where the human race has advanced to the universe... "Public entertainment," has been banned from my world.

--Bit about what happens to those who disobey the entertainment ban.--

Kanata. Sonata.


Jun. 24th, 2014 04:05 pm
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Main Characters:
Shinonome Kanata » AKB0048 Trainee. Kanata is the main character in this series.
Kojima Haruna the 8th » AKB0048 successor. One of the three other members taking part in the mission.
Maeda Atsuko the 13th » AKB0048 successor. One of the three other members taking part in this mission.
Oshima Yuko the 9th &raqu; AKB0048 successor. One of the three other members on the mission.

New Characters:
Abel » Only male figure in the manga actively present. Kanata's love interest.
Alma Raul » Headmistress of the school the manga takes place in.
Yuno and R/Lisa » Two students at the school.
Elixir » Villain!

Appearances By:
Shinonome Sonata » Future AKB0048 trainee. Kanata's younger sister.
Shinonome parents
Kishida Mimori » AKB0048 trainee. Kanata's best friend and generation mate.
Takahashi Minami the Fifth » AKB0048 successor. Kanata's hero.
Watanabe Mayu Mark 3 » AKB0048 successor.
Akimoto Sayaka the 10th » AKB0048 successor.
Miyazawa Sae the 10th » AKB0048 successor.
Kashiwagi Yuki the 6th » AKB0048 successor.
Katagiri Tsuasa » Former Shinoda Mariko the 7th. Current general manager of AKB0048.


This journal is for a fan scanlation/translation of the manga Heart Type Operation. This is a personal work largely done for other AKB0048 fans and roleplay. Please do not publish this anywhere else.

Mission Summaries

» A note!
one. i want to meet you, only you!
» transcript
»original japanese
» novel
two. i want you by the pool!
three. ponytail and witch!
four. oh, the flying get!☆
five. beginner!
six. so now let's high five!

side story.

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